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My name is Ann Nguyen and I live in Massachusetts in the United States. I have a business statistics, online marketing, and web design/development background. I also have a myriad of hobbies that include photography, painting, origami, graphic design, 3d modeling & animation, wood working, computer games, anime/manga, ABJDs, and of course, miniatures (though I consider miniatures an obsession, rather than a hobby!)

Details in Miniature

As a wee lass, I’ve always loved and admired miniatures and dollhouses. Unfortunately, admiring was all I could do, because growing up in a family with 5 kids never allowed for such frivolous spending. As life continued, high school and college came and went and I finally found myself with my own money to spend. From time to time, I did consider getting a dollhouse, but the situation just never felt right to do so.

It wasn’t until late 2009 when I was looking for a new hobby (the previous hobby was playing way too much video games), that I decided to stop beating around the bush and fulfill my childhood dream. I shopped around for a dollhouse and purchased the Coventry Cottage kit by Greenleaf.

As I was excitedly awaiting its delivery, I cobbled together the AmazingMiniatures.com blog as a means to keep track of and show off the amazing work of the miniaturists I found on the web. Eventually, this blog started to have less focus on others and more on my own projects and the name just stuck.

As a tech and gadget lover that grew up in the internet age, the clean and sleek modern style of miniatures fit my tastes perfectly and I created my miniatures accordingly. When I received a few inquiries to sell a modern miniature bookcase I built, was when I realized the beauty of this hobby is that you can make and sell them to keep funding the addiction building more miniatures. Awesome!

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