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Betwixt & Between

Oh boy, it’s been a while. Do you miss me? I sure miss everyone! I know my last few posts lacked any substance and I tried to get back into the rhythm for the holidays, but eventually decided to just take a break from miniatures and this blog for a bit. Hope you didn’t mind. 😉 […]

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FairyLand PukiPuki PongPong BJD - Dakota with Origami Crane


I work part time for a non-profit near my town, but most of my time is occupied with running my own small business (of which includes AmazingMiniatures). My business is a home based one and it can get lonely sometimes, working here by myself. Luckily, I have some co-workers to keep me company. Unfortunately, with […]

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barbie kelly clothing for bjd

Shopping For the Dollies

I’ve been doing a bit of shopping for them and I am at the point where I’m happy with the way they look (for the most part). I bought a wig from for Dakota. The wig was made specifically for Volks 1:6 scale Dollfies and was a bit overgrown for for him. I was expecting […]

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Dakota Meets Petunia - PukiPuki & LatiWhite Photostory

Dakota Meets Petunia

The two dolls finally meet each other! Let’s observe… Oh boy… excuse me while I sort these two out. “You are welcome, Petunia.” *sigh* Okay Dakota, I get it. You want some hair!

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pukipuki clothing

Dakota Days: Clothes Shopping

I recently purchased some clothing for Dakota (and by recent, I mean weeks ago, but just got around to blogging about it) from an Etsy shop called Crazyhandmade. Part of the problem with Dakota being a tiny boy BJD is that the tinies clothing market is dominated by girly stuff. Affordable boy clothing seems pretty rare. I […]

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