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Betwixt & Between

Oh boy, it’s been a while. Do you miss me? I sure miss everyone!¬†I know my last few posts lacked any substance and I tried to get back into the rhythm for the holidays, but eventually decided to just take a break from miniatures and this blog for a bit. Hope you didn’t mind. ūüėČ […]

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nyne door placement solved

Nyne House Front Door Placement

This is just a quick post.. Remember the post where I was mulling over where to put the main entrance for the Nyne? Well, its been decided after the Reac chairs came in the mail! I set up where I planned to place the chairs and it does indeed allow ample space for the main […]

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nyne wood floors band-it details

Building the Nyne House Part 4: Main Room Flooring

This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures. While it is still work on the Nyne, this is largely an experiment/how-to-guide using Band-It wood veneer strips, wood filler, and wood stain. When conceptualizing the Nyne, my initial idea was to have the floors be removable. To plan for that, I cut […]

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Building the Nyne Modern Dollhouse: First Floor Walls

Building the Nyne House Part 2: First Floor Walls

These pictures have been sitting in my hard drive for a few days, but I only got around to editing and posting them until now. Its not much, its just putting up the first floor, load bearing walls for the Nyne. I used¬†polyurethane¬†Gorilla¬†Glue and “nailed” in toothpicks (pictured above) to join the two pieces together. […]

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