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Dry Fitting the Nyne Styrofoam Modern Dollhouse

Building the Nyne House Part 1: Dry Fit

Can I tell you how annoying it was to cut 3/4″ thick foam with a hobby knife? Its not as horrible as hand sanding, but it was pretty obnoxious. My cuts are not clean or perfectly square because it was all done by hand. Of course, it wasn’t until AFTER I cut everything out that I […]

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Nyne Dollhouse Render by Ann Nguyen01

The Nyne House

So this is the project that I dreamt up a few months ago and have been planning since. I actually started working on it a few weeks ago in my spare time (which is very limited) and have only got to the framing process. Remember a post I made a long while back? The Nyne […]

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