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Green Vikaesque Kit Assembled

Making it Snazzy!

After some user feedback and working on 3 different prototypes, I’ve settled on a more refined and easier to assemble version of the VIKAesque wood kit. In addition to an upgraded design, the whole thing is now cut entirely from Baltic Birch plywood (previous version was a hybrid of bamboo and birch) so there should be a […]

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repainting acrylic

Painting Acrylic, A Review of Sorts

I tried painting acrylic before, but it just didn’t look right (not without a bunch of work). But I got tipped off on an easier method from the Shopping Sherpa when she painted her powder blue Panton chair black. SS mentioned using spray paint specifically for plastic, by Tamiya which is widely used by RC hobbyists. Sounds obvious […]

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etsy logo

Amazing Minis in May Etsy Treasuries

I broke my personal best on Etsy treasuries featured in a month. The previous record was in January with 8 features. The reason I got so many then was because I posted a listing every day that month (well, I did miss a few days..) for the 30 Days of Etsy Challenge. That lead to […]

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Cen-Tech 6 Inch Digital Caliper

My New Buy..

Yep, you know you’re a miniaturist when getting tools for mini making excites you. The most recent buy for me is a 6 inch digital caliper by Cen-Tech. I purchased it at Harbor Freight Tools near my home. I found this company when I was looking into purchasing a small table saw and was informed that […]

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How to Make a Photography Lightbox for Under $5

Make a Light Box for Miniature Photography for Under $5

Warning: this post is more so about photographing minis than minis itself! Also – if you don’t want to read the summary of photography lighting, go strait to page 2 for my directions on making a homemade light box. A big reason for my being such stickler for details with the minis I make and […]

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