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Amazing Minis in May Etsy Treasuries

I broke my personal best on Etsy treasuries featured in a month. The previous record was in January with 8 features. The reason I got so many then was because I posted a listing every day that month (well, I did miss a few days..) for the 30 Days of Etsy Challenge. That lead to more exposure to those people browsing new listings for pictures to feature.

This time around, while I did try to list often, I also made special effort to take those kinds of pictures that people would want to have listed in a treasury of some sort. E.g. the Cube Cubby.

Cube Cubby, Modern Dollhouse Furniture

It’s an interesting picture and I rather like it. As expected, it was the most featured this month for me. But unfortunately, an interesting abstract picture doesn’t really catch a other miniaturists’ attention and I haven’t made any sales, so I may end up switching it with another.

At any rate, do check out the treasuries the curators shops!

Here’s to June being even better 😉


2 Responses to Amazing Minis in May Etsy Treasuries

  1. brae June 2, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    Congrats! Your items are definitely top notch! How do you find out you’ve been featured?

    • Ann June 2, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

      Thanks Brae! You can check the “Activity” of your account at : (it’s the circle thingy). Once there you can uncheck all the activity except “your shop” and it should show you all the people who faved your shop, items, and or featured an item.

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