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I’ve had a few friendly notes from the folks at Cardboard Safari in my public spaces about the cardstock deer head that you may have caught wind of.

Here’s a comment on my facebook page:

And some comments on my blog: 

(FYI, he did apologize for this)

And here’s the conversation via Etsy:

Etsy Convo

Why am I a miniaturist? Why are you a miniaturist? It’s because for whatever reason, we want to live in this tiny world that may reflect our own – or that we wish to reflect our own.

To build our little world, we need little things. But what if they don’t make these items in scale miniatures? What do we do then? We buy them or make them ourselves. When we make the table that we sit at with our family or the table we want to sit at with our family, we as miniaturists make scale counterfeits. Do you have anything made that looks remotely like IKEA furniture for your dollhouse? They are counterfeits. Can’t afford a Burberry umbrella? Oh, let’s just counterfeit them in 1″ scale. You want to decorate your dollhouse with some Le Corbusier LC2 and LC4 chairs? Get the counterfeits from Reac Japan. How about that MacBook, iPad, or iMac? Huh? They’re no such things in 1″ scale? Well, I guess we’ll have to counterfeit them in miniature. So where does it end? All in all, I’m feeling pretty disappointed in this hobby and in people in general.

But if you’re wondering, the giveaway is still going on. Feel free to check it out if you are interested in winning a miniature counterfeit made by someone who should be ashamed of herself.

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Update 10/18/2011: 

I really don’t have much else to say here.

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To end on a more positive note, I just got back from the first vacation I’ve taken in 4 years and I’ve started building the Hello.Shawn House (a counterfeit of a real house somewhere, surely!), normal postings to resume.

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