Spring 2012 Dollhouse Building Contests & Events

This post was languishing in my drafts folder for some time (along with a few others) so I decided I may as well finish it up and post it before the contests are over! Without further adieu, here’s the deets on the spring fun:

Greenleaf’s Sixth Annual Spring Fling Contest

Greenleaf 2012 Spring Fling KitGreenleaf’s new shell kit for this contest has a simple, but unique looking design. It reminds me of a small tin cabin in the woods. The big surprise to me is how affordable it is, starting at a discounted price of $18.95 with free shipping (don’t forget to use the coupon code). The price and the smaller size makes it much more accessible to so many more miniaturists to join in on the fun. They also have very affordable addons for even more inspiration and fun.

As usual, Greenleaf is offering rather sweet prizes, including getting to name the kit!

  • First Place: $500 gift card from the Greenleaf Company Store plus you rename this dollhouse
  • Second Place: $250 gift card from the Greenleaf Company Store
  • Third Place: $125 gift card from the Greenleaf Company Store
  • Luck of the Draw: A random entry will win a $50 gift card from the Greenleaf Company Store
Deadline is September 3, 2012. Do check out their contest page for more information.

The Dolls’ House Emporium Creative Competition 2012

Last year DHE had their first Creative Competition and I am super happy that they’re continuing it again this year (until infinity too, I hope!). And this year, the base model is the Corner Shop (see links below to purchase), which they say doesn’t have to be turned into a shop, but just looking at it really makes me want to! However, I do think it has the right lines for a rather swanky modern pad too, dontcha think? It also has addons that you can purchase as well. And lucky for the US folks, DHE had expanded with a warehouse in the US, so that makes it a bit more affordable for us.

A single floor base kit costs $96 with free shipping. It costs $165 for both floors. Purchase here:

  • First Floor Shop (UK, US)
  • Second Floor Shop (UK, US)
  • First and Second Floor (UK, US)

Here are the tid bits on the prizes:

  • 1st Prize: A Dolls House Emporium kit of your choice worth up to $867
  • 2nd Prize: $467 of Dolls House Emporium Vouchers
  • 3rd Prize: $267 of Dolls House Emporium Vouchers

Deadline is August 31st, 2012. See the contest page for more details.

Miniatures.com 19th Annual Creatin’ Contest

And of course, there is Hobby Builder’s Supply, known well to us mini-nerds as Miniatures.com who has been running these contests the longest with the biggest payout of them all. This year’s kit makes me so super excited because it is all about modern with the MiniTown Loft Shell Kit at a very affordable $29.99. I was given a tantalizing hint about  this kit as it was being developed (*wink*wink*), but had no clue  it was for the contest itself. Very exciting! I can’t wait what everyone comes up with here!

  • Grand Prize: $1,000.00 HBS/Miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE
  • First Place: $500.00 HBS/Miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE
  • Second Place: $300.00 HBS/Miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE
  • Third Place: $200.00 HBS/Miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE

Deadline is December 17st, 2012. See the contest page for more details.

Real Good Toys 2nd Annual Build-Along Project 2012

Real Good Toys is also having an event, their second annual build-along with a brand new and very interesting kit, the Puzzle Dollhouse Kit at a cost of $28.95. It’s a very unique kit as you can build it however you like. There are no floor plans to follow, it’s entirely up to you! And much like last year, there is no prize for entering other than the fun of participating along with the RGT community and other awesome miniaturists. The event ends on June 1st, 2012. See event page for details.

Minismodernas Modern Scene Competition

Minismodernas is one of our official international retailers and they’re having a nifty scene competition to celebrate their 1 year anniversary! Here the info with the important parts bolded:

Doesn’t time fly! Next 10 of June is the first anniversary of Minismodernas. We are very grateful to everybody for be with us in this adventure. Thanks for your constant support, for a so good and warm reception.

We know that it’s difficult to start and more if we start in a new world, little by little creating love for a new style, but with your help all is easiest, although we have still a long way.

And we would like to celebrate with you: you are invited to participate in a scene competition, modern scenes, of course, in any style: shabby, minimal, urban chic… just as scenes of home or works: hairdresser’s, offices… but always in contemporary style.

The photos must be posted in the Minismodernas Facebook or sent to rosa@minismodernas.es and will be published in the blog and in facebook. To received the works from 15th of April to 1st of June. We’ll decide on 10th of June.

The jury is unconnected with Minismodernas: Pablo Leal (artisan and responsible of Amatheria), Juanjo Fuentes (creator of Juanjo Fuentes Ediciones) and Jordi Guajardo (photographer). The scene chosen receive a 100 EU gift voucher (70% furniture and 30% accessories) to spend on Minismodernas.es (free shipment to anywhere), besides, all the contestant will have a mini detail.

This is my kind of contest… just strait up modern scenes! I imagine the competition will be fierce. Please support them!

Am I Missing Anything? And an Update..

If you know of other companies or retail shops running contests, please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it here for everyone. If you plan on joining any of these contests and have a blog or a flickr tracking it, feel free to post it in the comments! I’d love to follow your progress because…

I won’t be participating in any of these contests. 🙁 I need to live vicariously through you!

Though the various submission dates seem so far away, time simply does not permit for me. There is too much life stuff going on (new job, apartment hunting, impending move, a bazillion weddings to attend, and a nasty back injury) that I can’t jump into a new project in good conscience. But based on how affordable and interesting the kits are, I may end up buying one or two for future use… Or not, because I am sitting on top of 5 different kits/builds in various states of progress. I should finish one before taking on another one.

Hmmm… I think this is a good rule for me and I should follow it. Otherwise, in a few years, you’d probably see me on an episode of Hoarders in a sea of dollhouses!

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  1. Robin May 10, 2013 at 12:09 pm #

    I would like to know how did you start your Competition? How did you plan how did you advisted? How do you come up with money for prizes?

    • Ann May 10, 2013 at 5:30 pm #

      These are not my contests. They’re contests from the suppliers/manufacturers themselves. I am merely blogging about them as to notify my readers.

      Hope that clears thing up.

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