Miniature Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re-Ment

by Ann on March 31, 2012

Miniature Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re-Ment

Boy do I feel like an idiot. I thought I had posted this already. I spotted these photos as I was backing up a bunch of images when it occurred to me that I never blogged about them. DOH!

I meant to post this on March 3rd, for Girl’s Day, a Japanese celebration called Hinamatsuri.

hinamatsuri rement2 Miniature Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re Ment

Isn’t that just wonderful? A national holiday devoted to displaying and celebrating these gorgeous dolls and its history. As a kiddie, I’ve seen these dolls displayed in museums and have always wanted one (or two, or three, or a whole army of them).

It’s nice that I finally have a set to call my own (miniatures do have its perks).

The set seems to be in 1:6? or even 1:10? Well, they’re dolls, so I guess I can say they’re very large dolls for 1:12.

hinamatsuri rement1 Miniature Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re Ment

I purchased this Re-Ment set via Amazon a while back. I don’t quite remember how much I paid for them, but I think it was less than $15 with free shipping. Unfortunately, the thing with Re-Ment is that they only make a limited amount of most of their sets and after the batches are sold out, that’s it. This set was the second version of the Hina dolls and I snatched it up pretty quickly. While it’s no longer available on Amazon (can’t seem to find it), they’re still available on Ebay if you’re interested.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Re-Ment keeps coming out with new Hinamatsuri sets every few years. They’re pretty dang popular (and awesome).

If you’re wondering how much the legit, handmade 1:1 scale dolls (irony?) actually cost, a quick search on Amazon confirms that it costs several limbs and your first born child. I think I’m just going to be satisfied with the mini versions. icon razz Miniature Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re Ment

In other news, I’ve been neck deep in tax stuff (trying to sort out all the sales and inventory is a pain in the butt!), so I guess I’ll see you after April 15th if I survive…

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