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Coventry Cottage Project Part 13: The Front Porch

I finally got to use those “flagstone” pieces that I made for the Coventry Cottage porch. I used spackle as the grout. It was pretty tough with spackle because it dries so quickly, which I expected. But I didn’t expect the difficulty of doing it in such a confined space. Its finally done and boy […]

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Coventry Cottage Project Part 12: Interior Trims

Its been a while since I posted any updates on my Coventry Cottage project… over a whole month in fact! So here’s a pretty long post on what went on. Starting off, I made a junky paint box to aid in the painting. Its a horrible excuse for a paint box since its too small […]

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Coventry Cottage Project Part 11: Finishing the Hardwood & Roof

So its time to finish off the floors and the roof. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to have a natural finish for my Coventry Cottage’s “hardwood” floors, as well as the roof , so I skipped the staining part and went strait to applying¬†polyurethane¬†to the floors and roof. You can see in […]

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Coventry Cottage Project Part 10: Wallpapering

Had these images sitting in my hard drive for a few weeks now (I actually have quite a few things sitting there!). This post is all about wallpapering my Coventry Cottage dollhouse. You can see my assortment of supplies purchased above. The longer pieces are Mini Graphics wallpapers from my local dollhouse shop. I only […]

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Coventry Cottage Project Part 9: Floors and Carpeting

Happy Memorial Day! A few days ago, I finally had the chance to work on the flooring for the Coventry Cottage dollhouse. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it at first, but after browsing around the local craft shop and finding skinny craft sticks, I decided that they would make perfect […]

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Coventry Cottage Project Part 8: Roofing

This is a doozy of a post just for the simple act of roofing my Coventry Cottage. I took ALOT of pictures this time around and instead of posting the full version of every single image, I decided to use the gallery instead to cut down on the loading time. The images should be in […]

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Coventry Cottage Trims

Coventry Cottage Project Part 7: Exterior Trim

I had a bit of time this week to finish up the exterior trim for my Coventry Cottage. It wasn’t too big of a deal since it was mostly painting and clamping. It’s something that’s hard to mess up. So while the trim paint was drying (the very first picture), I assembled and glued together […]

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Coventry Cottage Roof Trim

Coventry Cottage Project Part 6: Adding the Roof Trim

Finally back from a two week hiatus. I sure miss this blog! Its been really busy at work which cuts into my dollhouse time. The next few weeks should be relatively easy, so hopefully, I’ll have more time to work on my cottage. Now without further ado, I want to update everyone on the progress […]

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coventry cottage's bad paint job

Coventry Cottage Project Part 5: The Bad Paint Job

So I’ve had these pictures sitting in my hard drive for over a month now. Yes, I am finally getting off my lazy bum to share it here! Since the Coventry Cottage is my very fist dollhouse, I feel uncomfortable spending too much money building it since I’ll probably screw up and money is tight […]

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