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Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re-Ment

Miniature Hinamatsuri Doll Set by Re-Ment

Boy do I feel like an idiot. I thought I had posted this already. I spotted these photos as I was backing up a bunch of images when it occurred to me that I never blogged about them. DOH! I meant to post this on March 3rd, for Girl’s Day, a Japanese celebration called¬†Hinamatsuri. Isn’t […]

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rement kitchen

Re-Ment Scene: The Messy Kitchen!

More Re-Ment goodies came in the mail over the weekend, so I had to set up a scene of course! The item that came in was the Re-Ment Red Kitchen Display, which I bought from Amazon. I do wish they had the white set because white would be more versatile than red, I think. I […]

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Re-Ment Scene: Cafe Brunch with Friends

I set up a little scene with some newly acquired Re-Ment goodies. The food is mostly a mix of the Japanese Onsen foods (I got the whole set!) displayed on top of the Rement Cafe Table set. The background is the Japanese paper my sister gave me a while back. Can you tell I love […]

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rement miniatures happy birthday to lan

Happy Birthday Lan!

Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend, Lan! I set up this scene with a bunch of new Re-ment stuff I got over the weekend. The scene is actually in 1:6 scale, which is 2 inch scale. since thats the size that Re-ment typically make them in. You might also notice that I used one […]

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