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Cen-Tech 6 Inch Digital Caliper

My New Buy..

Yep, you know you’re a miniaturist when getting tools for mini making excites you. The most recent buy for me is a 6 inch digital caliper by Cen-Tech. I purchased it at Harbor Freight Tools near my home. I found this company when I was looking into purchasing a small table saw and was informed that […]

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Midwest Products Ultimate Easy Cutter

Midwest Products Easy Cutter Ultimate

Out of all the wood suppliers I’ve used, I found the basswood sheets from Midwest Products to be my favorite. The cuts seem to be cleaner and I don’t have to do as much work to get rid of the fuzzies from the wood. If you plan on buying from the Midwest Products site, I […]

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Rotary Tool for Miniature Making

Sorry, but I have nothing new on the progress of the Coventry Cottage. I still wanted to update this blog about the fact that I just bought a rotary tool manufactured by Black & Decker. This should really help cut down the time on sanding and cutting the wood pieces! Any suggestions for other kinds […]

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