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Coventry Cottage Project Part 12: Interior Trims

Its been a while since I posted any updates on my Coventry Cottage project… over a whole month in fact! So here’s a pretty long post on what went on.

Starting off, I made a junky paint box to aid in the painting. Its a horrible excuse for a paint box since its too small and there is too much overspill when using a spray paint can with it, but at least the mess wasn’t as bad as expected.

Trims are painted

Here are the trims after painting and gluing on the vinyl “glass.”

A close up of the painted trims

A close up of the paint job. In future dollhouses, I’ll probably spackle the heck out of the trims or make/buy my own to make it look more realistic.

Clear coating the trim

Now to clear coat the floorboards (not shown) and the channel trims that I’ll use to hide the ugly edges. Since I wanted the trims to have a “natural” finish, I used the Valspar clear gloss to coat them.

Installed the side trim

It makes such a HUGE difference after the trims are installed. You can compare it with a similar picture here. Also, I do notice that one ceiling area where its not finished… I keep forgetting to do that!

Installed the attic trim

I also trimmed the attic. I am loving it!

And just for fun…..

ZOMG motorcycle in my house!

ZOMG! A motorcycle in my house.. and a giant scissor!

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2 Responses to Coventry Cottage Project Part 12: Interior Trims

  1. Lyssa August 12, 2010 at 4:57 am #

    Ann, I am happy to see a post on your Coventry! It is looking fab and so clean. Miss you on Greenleaf! I have moved on from my Coventry and onto an Artply Highland. 🙂 I really am loving your cottage!

    • Ann August 27, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

      Lyssa!!! Thank you for commenting… I miss you on Greenleaf too! I’m so glad you started a blog… so now I can stalk you, erm, I mean follow you 😉

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