XCurve Series: Small Dining Table Prototype, Modern Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

Congrats to Klara!

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I got caught up with a bunch of work. Better late than never!

So do you like the table above? Its called the XCurve dining table and its one of the furniture pieces I’ve been working on. I made a few of these prototypes and I wanted an excuse to give one away!

Right then, I had hit 100 “likes” on the Amazing Miniatures Facebook page and decided to hold of a secret (of sorts) giveaway that was only promoted on Facebook as a reward for the fans there. I also wanted it to be a small giveaway so the fans can have a better chance to win. In the end, there were only 17 entries, which meant that each person had a 5.88% to win.

Random.org winning number for dollhouse miniature

The winner is….

Winner of the XCurve modern miniature dollhouse dining table

Congrats to Klara from the Netherlends! Her blog was fun to go through.. do check it out!

This giveaway got me more interested in social media interacting with other miniaturists on Facebook (a big deal, because I try not to spend too much time on these sites). So I’m definitely going to run more “secret” giveaways in the future. Pretty good incentive to like the Amazing Minis Facebook page! 😉

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