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Using the paintbox

Coventry Cottage Project Part 12: Interior Trims

Its been a while since I posted any updates on my Coventry Cottage project… over a whole month in fact! So here’s a pretty long post on what went on. Starting off, I made a junky paint box to aid in the painting. Its a horrible excuse for a paint box since its too small […]

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Coventry Cottage Trims

Coventry Cottage Project Part 7: Exterior Trim

I had a bit of time this week to finish up the exterior trim for my Coventry Cottage. It wasn’t too big of a deal since it was mostly painting and clamping. It’s something that’s hard to mess up. So while the trim paint was drying (the very first picture), I assembled and glued together […]

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Coventry Cottage Roof Trim

Coventry Cottage Project Part 6: Adding the Roof Trim

Finally back from a two week hiatus. I sure miss this blog! Its been really busy at work which cuts into my dollhouse time. The next few weeks should be relatively easy, so hopefully, I’ll have more time to work on my cottage. Now without further ado, I want to update everyone on the progress […]

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