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Building the Nyne House Part 3: Material and Furniture Placement Planning

Its Monday and Thanksgiving is in just a few days.. scary how time flies! This will also probably be the last post until after Thanksgiving since I have gobs of work to do, gobs of family events to go to, and gobs of turkey to eat!

This is a rather simple post anyway. Its all about planning!

Floor Samples for the Nyne Modern DollhouseFloor Samples for the Nyne Modern DollhouseFloor Samples for the Nyne Modern Dollhouse

Pictured here are 3 of the best mix and match color samples for the floors. I know in the last post I mentioned that I wanted it to be all dark wood, but after playing around with the vinyl floor samples that I pilfered from HomeDepot, I decided to give the kitchen area a “stone” floor and the rest of the space to be wood.

The wood samples above are representations of the color of the stain that I’ll be using and the “stone” tiles will be the actual tiles that I’ll be using. So far, I am leaning towards the lighter sets, but I am still not sure yet. Its hard to decide since I’ll be using real wood to finish the floors and I’m not sure how it would finish and how it would work with the tiles.. or it might even work better with one I didn’t include here! Hmmm decisions, decisions..

Furniture Layout of the Nyne Modern Dollshouse

So after realizing that flooring was a stalemate, I decided to wait until I get the actual wood strips to make any further decisions. And since the flooring decision stalled, that meant that I could not make any decisions on the wall colors. I don’t think this is too huge a problem because the actual wall space is so limited, I’m just going to decide on the walls last and compliment it to the furniture and floor colors, like a big art piece(s).

I’m not a big bag of indecision though!

Furniture Layout of the Nyne Modern Dollshouse

I actually have a pretty good idea of what the furniture placement will look like. Starting on the right, the small post-it notes are the stand-in for the cooking area (fridge, stove, cabinets), and the large post-it notes is the center island. Moving to the left now, the brown floor tiles are the stand-in for the dining set, and the sofa set is where the living area will be. The ruler by the wall is where the stairway will go, with the dot being the bottom of the stairs going up.

And if you’re wondering how the heck one can enter the room on the top right (the bathroom), there will be a door underneath the top of the stairs, about an inch from the corner of that wall, where the yellow tape is. That door is not going to go in until I finish the stairs and actually know for a fact that I have enough room for a proper door.

So I’m really pleased with the layout, but I still have a problem. Where the heck am I going to put the main entrance!? I planned it so it can go on either the left or the right side of the fireplace wall (the wall right in front of the sofas), and after placing all the furniture out, both options are rather awkward for the entrance! Hmm.. more decisions..

Prototyping the Nyne Modern Dollhouse Kitchen

So…. I decided not to make any decisions at all.

But to end on a positive note (because I didn’t want to feel useless) here’s a paper prototype of the kitchen lol. Like the dinning set, its going to be a custom kitchen. Its probably not going to be working cabinets, but the final design should look cool.

And with that, I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving! (and if you’re not from the U.S., I hope you have a happy and safe day!)

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4 Responses to Building the Nyne House Part 3: Material and Furniture Placement Planning

  1. Lyssa November 23, 2010 at 1:04 am #

    Ha! I, too, have pilfered many a sample tile. I have considered pilfering the wood ones, too, and making counters and thick tables out of them. 😀

    Did you try the dark wood with the light tile for contrast? I really like the layout you have set up and the kitchen prototype looks fab.

    As far as your entrance goes, I think it should actually go on the “missing wall” to the right of the stairs and the beam… I had to reference back to the other post to come up with that.

    Also love the sofa set. Looks cozy and like it would be made out of fabulously soft leather in RL scale. 🙂

    Happy Turkey Day!!! Eat lots and be safe. You will get a prize on Friday or Saturday!!!

    • Ann November 23, 2010 at 1:29 am #

      Oh yes, the wood tiles do work awesomely for table tops! My only issue is that the designs can look woefully out of scale, so you really have to be selective in which on to pilfer 😉

      I thought of the entrance where you suggested but the stairs are going to “L” out of bit to the side so thats why it can only flank one (or maybe both.. hmm) side of the fireplace.. I’m still going ARGGHHH over this.

      The sofa set is actually one of those mass-produced stuff. I don’t generally like them, but this set seemed particularly well made. When my brother saw it, he said “geez, it looks better than some people’s actual furniture” … which was my cue to buy it 🙂

      They’re also not going to be the actual set that I’ll furnish this house with (got some of the lovely Reac chairs coming), they’re just stand-ins for now.

      Lastly… I can’t wait! 😀

      • Lyssa November 23, 2010 at 2:28 am #

        Ooooooh! I love Reac! There was a bunch of it on ebay last night and I really wanted it, but I was unwilling to wait 6 weeks for delivery from Hong Kong. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed on stumbling across a lot on Craigslist or something. 🙂

        Maybe, you should not have a door. 🙂 If your stairs “L” out, I can’t see where it would look natural to place one. Then again, I have yet to see a RL house where door and window placement made sense. o.O Whoever designed the layout of our rental must have been high. It makes the whole living area practically useless.

        Cheers dear. 🙂

      • Ann November 23, 2010 at 4:06 am #

        I’m actually talking to some folks from the Reac company to become an authorized retailer of the Reac chairs.. hopefully the prices work out so I can sell it for cheaper than what’s on Ebay. I’m a little scared O_O because I never worked with an international company before, and I don’t know what to expect with the payments and shipping and stuff… so I guess we’ll see!

        If those black Le Corbusier chairs are smaller than the stand-ins.. which I think they are, then I might just stick the door on that side of the fireplace. Its just a waiting game at this point!

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