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Ara Bentley's Addams Family Mansion Dollhouse

Featuring Ara Bentley’s Miniatures

I found Ara’s site by searching for Sweeney Todd miniatures out of curiosity (you’d be surprised at how many different types of miniatures there are based on movies or stories). See the infamous barber chair in the gallery below… it even drops back like in the movie! Also, if you visit Ara’s blog, you’ll see […]

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Linda Auker's miniature pagoda

Linda Auker’s Miniatures

Today’s showcase is not on someone who has decades of experience. In fact, it’s someone who is like myself, who is relatively new to the world of miniatures, but unlike myself, she actually has some wonderful miniature work to show for it! Visit Linda Auker’s blog for more pictures. She also has a whole bunch […]

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Maria Armanda miniature dining set

Showcasing Maria Armanda’s Miniatures

Today’s post is all about Portuguese Miniaturist, Maria Armanda. Her blog is in both Portuguese and English, but from what I can gather, she has been working on miniatures for 30 years now! And from the images of her work below, you can definitely tell. Check out her blog for more pictures!

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Mike Barbour handmade dolls

Little People for Your Little House

I want to share with you two great doll makers I found as I was searching for little people to live in my dollhouse. The first is Mike Barbour who is a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans or IGMA (no surprise there!) who specializes in unique, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind dolls, as seen in […]

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Stephanie Kilgast's Cupcakes

Stephanie Kilgast’s Delicious Mini Foods

Stephanie Kilgast from France makes amazing miniature foods. I found her while shopping through Esty for some miniature accessories. I just had to showcase her work. It’s making me hungry! Honestly, I had no idea there were so many miniature food artists. I really makes me want to learn how to create miniature foods as […]

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