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fireplace by karin corbin

Karin Corbin Miniatures

Having bought my very first mini table saw (pictures to follow), I’ve been looking at seasoned miniaturists to learn from. And having not posted a showcase in a long while, I thought I should start it up again. I found Karin Corbin, a miniaturist with 40 years under her belt, and I have been going […]

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Freeman Castle Dollhouse

The Freeman’s Astolat Castle

There’s only one word to really describe this dollhouse. WOW. This 9 foot tall dollhouse was constructed over a 13 year period, it is 100% handmade, and is appraised at $1.1 million! This is definitely a museum quality piece, since its currently on display at a museum! The Astolat Castle was designed and created by […]

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Jean Day Miniature Painting Scene

Jean Day’s Miniatures

Today, I want to show off one of my favorite Miniature bloggers, Jean Day. Not only is she a miniaturist, but also a miniaturist painter! (Is that even the right description? I admit, I’ve been cheating by using a printer to make my own miniature paintings, so its pretty darn amazing how much detail Jean […]

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Marcella Perodo Miniature Tortes

Marcella Perodo’s Mini Foods with Packaging!

I’ve been lurking in the CDHM forum for a few weeks now and stumbled on to Marcella Perodo’s blog. She is Italian, her blog is written in Italian, and you can see that the miniature foods she makes reflect her nationality. The awesome thing about Marcella’s work is that she also makes the packaging for […]

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Kiva Atkinson Miniature Food

Kiva’s Mini Foods Look Good Enough to Eat

I’ve done a bit of mini food modeling with polymer clay and I’ve only created a few crappy fruits, veggies, and pastries pieces. I’ve tried my hand at some meats and other dishes but they came out even more miserable than my pastries. Hell, I have enough trouble creating the plates! So now that you […]

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