Kiva Atkinson Miniature Food

Kiva’s Mini Foods Look Good Enough to Eat

I’ve done a bit of mini food modeling with polymer clay and I’ve only created a few crappy fruits, veggies, and pastries pieces. I’ve tried my hand at some meats and other dishes but they came out even more miserable than my pastries. Hell, I have enough trouble creating the plates!

Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine CoverSo now that you know of my first hand experience at how hard the dishes are (or how horrible I am at making them), you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I was BLOWN AWAY by the level of skill in the miniature foods created by Kiva Atkinson.

I stumbled on her site via her flickr, and was awed by the realism of her work. Seriously, I feel like I can grab one of her fishes and fry that sucker up for dinner.

Kiva is an IGMA Artisan and has been featured in all sorts of different publications. (Note to self, I need to subscribe to these magazines!) Heck, the woman even has a how-to DVD out!

Check out Kiva’s blog for more.


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