Halfscale modern fireplace in progress

More Half Scale Fireplace Fun!

Emboldened by my success from yesterday’s country fireplace, I decided to make another one (since I bought a second Creatology Dollhouse with Veranda). This time, I wanted to create a more modern one, since I’ll be decorating it contemporary-ish.

This fireplace is actually based off the slate fireplace in my house.

Finished sculpting the halfscale modern fireplace

After the trial and error with yesterday’s fireplace, sculpting this one went a lot quicker. It also helped that I wanted the stone to be smooth-ish, so there wasn’t much texturing to do.

Baked the halfscale modern fireplace

Oh my! What a nice looking fireplace you have there!

broken halfscale modern fireplace


I didn’t cook it long enough, so it broke on me when I tried to pull off the paper back support. *GLUM FACE*

But because its such a simple fireplace, I don’t think it would be too difficult to mend. Yeah?

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