Starting on my halfscale country fireplace

Half Scale Fireplace Fun

Remember that Creatology Dollhouse with Veranda? Well, I’ve decided to make it into a country cottage of some sort. I also had a big chunk of Sculpey III sitting around and wanted to sculp something so why not start with something easy, like a earthy country fireplace!

Sculpting the halfscale country fireplace

I used various tools to sculp and texture the fireplace. Here’s the work in progress.

Finished sculpting the halfscale country fireplace

After about an hour of meticulous sculpting (while watching a movie), I am finally done with it! Now its time for baking.

After baking the halfscale country fireplace

After its nice and stiff, I’m placing it to see if it fits. And it does!

added base and finished baking the halfscale country fireplace

Here’s what it looks like after giving it a sturdy base to stand on.

It was a fun little project to work on to satisfy my mini cravings!

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