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amazing miniatures pricing spreadsheet

Pricing, Packaging, and Other Bits

This is a fairly wordy post. You have been warned.  More often than not, I am finding myself designing pieces through CAD or 3D modeling software like Cinema 4D or Google Sketchup and then fabricating it through laser cutting and (soon to be) 3D printing. It’s not how most miniaturists do it, but as a […]

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etsy logo

Warning to Etsy Sellers

I’m not entirely sure why, but there has been a huge number of people finding me on Etsy and contacting me and a few friends trying to sell me either web marketing services, web design services, or all of the above. Personally speaking, I have about 12 years of web/graphic design and programming experience and […]

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Finally Finding the Time

My last post was on October 1st. Since then, I’ve been busy with two different web design projects, had problems with the server that amazingminiatures.com was on so I had to move it to a new one, and I had TWO weddings to go to; one was two states away. With so much going on, […]

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Staing Floors iRL

Staining Floors in Real Life

Its been 20 days since I last updated… things have just been way too busy here with work around the house and real work. Since I have nothing new to update, I just snapped this picture and thought it was neat since I am working on (sort of) a smaller version of it! Its staining […]

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Corona Concepts Willow by Greenleaf Dollhouses

I Am a Dollhouse Psycho.

I just bought the Greenleaf/Corona Concepts Willow kit. I am not even done with the Coventry Cottage yet. I have problems. Seriously. But I am excited for this. The Willow is a big house. It actually reminds me of the childhood house I grew up in. Its probably going to be the same color as […]

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