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repainting acrylic

Painting Acrylic, A Review of Sorts

I tried painting acrylic before, but it just didn’t look right (not without a bunch of work). But I got tipped off on an easier method from the Shopping Sherpa when she painted her powder blue Panton chair black. SS mentioned using spray paint specifically for plastic, by Tamiya which is widely used by RC hobbyists. Sounds obvious […]

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How to Make a Photography Lightbox for Under $5

Make a Light Box for Miniature Photography for Under $5

Warning: this post is more so about photographing minis than minis itself! Also – if you don’t want to read the summary of photography lighting, go strait to page 2 for my directions on making a homemade light box. A big reason for my being such stickler for details with the minis I make and […]

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etsy logo

Warning to Etsy Sellers

I’m not entirely sure why, but there has been a huge number of people finding me on Etsy and contacting me and a few friends trying to sell me either web marketing services, web design services, or all of the above. Personally speaking, I have about 12 years of web/graphic design and programming experience and […]

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Creatology Dollhouse with Veranda Directions

Creatology Dollhouse with Veranda Pictorial Instructions

Ever since writing the first post on the Creatology dollhouse, I find my blog getting quite a few hits from the search engine from people who were looking for the instructions. Since I didn’t actually have instructions, I thought it would be useful to put some pictorial directions/tips together as I was assembling a new […]

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amazingminiatures 31 days etsy

31 Days of Etsy Challenge 2011 Wrap Up

With the challenge being over and things settling down, I finally have some time to write my wrap up post on the 31 Days of Etsy Challenge. Here are the weekly reviews: Day 1, the kickstart post! Week 1 Review Week 2 Review Week 3 Review Week 4 Review Week 5 Review, the last 3 […]

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