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dollhouse miniature gifts from the Shopping Sherpa

I’m Seeing Red: A Mini Swap!

Back in January (or was it earlier?), the wonderful Shopping Sherpa and I had planned on doing a swap for the month of February. I suggested the theme of “red” in honor of Valentine’s day. Fast forward 5 months later, we have finally mailed our goodies, and mine had arrived! (Hopefully¬†Anna-Maria has gotten her goodies […]

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Miniature Foods Made by

Belated Thank Yous For My Mini Gifts!

I am really horrible at these things. I have photos ready and the entry half written, but it doesn’t get finished and posted until weeks later! *annoyed at self* I really need to improve on this! Anyway… My first big thanks goes to Cindy a.k.a. Snowfern Clover the winner of the¬†VIKA desk giveaway I held […]

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Lyssa's Mini Paintings!

Holiday Headaches and Happiness

I’ve been meaning to post earlier, but last Saturday morning, my Macbook’s screen would not turn on so I ended up doing a whole lot of freaking out. On Sunday, I was able to bring my laptop to the Apple store to diagnose the problem, only to find that the GPU (video card) is fried […]

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