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Modern Dollhouse Furniture, Cube Cubby by Ann Nguyen

All About the Cube Cubby

This is sort of a “making of” post on the process that went into creating the Cube Cubby. As simple the bookcase/storage unit seems, it took about a year to figure it out, only because I was testing a variety of methods to make them in the level of detail I wanted under a certain […]

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sneak peek

Sneak Peek & A Plea to Help Japan

I’ve been away this past weekend and now I am in the process of playing catch up to a bunch of work. In the meantime, I just wanted to show you a sneak peek of some of the little projects I’ve been working on. To the left is some poorly sketched plans. Its not to […]

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Teak Planters used as Reference for making miniature dollhouse furniture

Custom Miniature Planters

I’ve recently had my first custom order on Etsy. Honestly, I’m still very new to Etsy, so it was pretty exciting to get a custom request. It was for a set of two miniature planters in 1:12 scale, referencing the image above. I gave the buyer a quote based on the time I expected to […]

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franken resin cast

Resin Tinting and Ebay Experiments

I mentioned to a few mini buddies that I am experimenting with tinting my resin casts. As you can see from the images, some of the results are pretty horrible. I bought the generic craft store tints (the set for $30) and not the one that was specifically made for the resin brand, because it was way […]

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The casted shelf in all its glory!

The Modern Bookcase in Plastic

So the scene above looks vaguely familiar, but can you spot the big difference? I know, I know, the picture color is a bit washed out (sloppy editing), its missing the shelf items, and there’s the Tulip chair, but…. the big difference is that the shelf is actually a plastic reproduction! It first started when I […]

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