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Dollhouse miniature chess set

Going Green in the Coventry Cottage

I just posted the Coventry for sale on Craigslist and Etsy. Hopefully I’ll get a buyer so I can get myself that BJD. 😉 If I don’t sell it by Dec 25th, its going to be raffled off at my dad’s church’s xmas party. Either way, its going somewhere. While I still have it, I’m […]

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nyne door placement solved

Nyne House Front Door Placement

This is just a quick post.. Remember the post where I was mulling over where to put the main entrance for the Nyne? Well, its been decided after the Reac chairs came in the mail! I set up where I planned to place the chairs and it does indeed allow ample space for the main […]

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noguchi table

1:12 Scale Noguchi Table Scroll Saw Pattern

Back in college, I spied the Noguchi table in one of those trendy furniture design stores in Miami. It was front and center in the window and it stopped me in my tracks. My broke college self could not afford the $1k+ price tag (I still can’t!), so I moved on, but I never forgot […]

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nyne wood floors band-it details

Building the Nyne House Part 4: Main Room Flooring

This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures. While it is still work on the Nyne, this is largely an experiment/how-to-guide using Band-It wood veneer strips, wood filler, and wood stain. When conceptualizing the Nyne, my initial idea was to have the floors be removable. To plan for that, I cut […]

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