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Mini Christmas Tree from HomeDepot

Mini Xmas Trees from HomeDepot

To pick up where I left off on my last post, I want to show off some mini Christmas trees I bought from Home Depot! I was clued into this by Barb, the Flying Piglet when she showed off her purchases on her blog. Thanks Barb! You can find them by all the seasonal, holiday […]

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Lyssa's Mini Paintings!

Holiday Headaches and Happiness

I’ve been meaning to post earlier, but last Saturday morning, my Macbook’s screen would not turn on so I ended up doing a whole lot of freaking out. On Sunday, I was able to bring my laptop to the Apple store to diagnose the problem, only to find that the GPU (video card) is fried […]

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Minimodernistas’ Web Shop!

It was recently announced that Minimodernistas aka Doris Nathanson just opened her very own shop! She is someone I greatly admire and is one of my inspirations in the modern mini-world. Heck, just look at the picture above.. her work is amazing! So you should really check out her web shop at Minimodernistas.com, which was brilliantly […]

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Using spackle to grout my Coventry Cottage porch

Coventry Cottage Project Part 13: The Front Porch

I finally got to use those “flagstone” pieces that I made for the Coventry Cottage porch. I used spackle as the grout. It was pretty tough with spackle because it dries so quickly, which I expected. But I didn’t expect the difficulty of doing it in such a confined space. Its finally done and boy […]

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Mad Hatter Tea Party Scene by Mel's Minis

Mel’s Miniatures

Do the scene above look familiar? Well, if you’ve watched Alice in Wonderland lately, it should! The cakes and goodies above was created by Mel, of Mel’s Miniatures. I found her by browsing around Esty and found her etsy shop and then her blog. After  some more browsing, I realized that she was the founder of […]

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