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The casted shelf in all its glory!

The Modern Bookcase in Plastic

So the scene above looks vaguely familiar, but can you spot the big difference? I know, I know, the picture color is a bit washed out (sloppy editing), its missing the shelf items, and there’s the Tulip chair, but…. the big difference is that the shelf is actually a plastic reproduction! It first started when I […]

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Modern Dollhouse Miniature Bookcase_Decorated1

Finished the Modern Bookcase!

The bookcases are done! I just finished finishing the bookcases I am super pleased with how they turned out. With that, I decided to give it a whirl with some Re-ment goodies that I had laying around. This picture makes me look like I have giant man hands, but I don’t! It’s just to give […]

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Modern Dollhouse Miniature Bookcase

Making A Modern Dollhouse Bookcase

Still making stuff. This time, its a project inspired by a Barbie sized Randall Craig bookcase in a photo taken by Michael Williams of MAWPhoto.com. I forgot who actually had a blog post on Michael Williams’ work, but I had book marked his flickr page a while back and have been enthralled by his photos ever […]

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Ikea FUSION table set

Ikea Inspired: Mini Circle Table Set

This was the post that I’ve started and couldn’t find the time to finish it. I’m getting off my lazy butt now…. I am currently in the “making stuff” phase as a way procrastinating from finishing the Coventry Cottage *shifts eyes* and I thought I would show you the current project I am working on. […]

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Making "flagstone" tiles out of polymer clay

Making Miniature “Stone” Tiles

I knew I wanted to have my Coventry Cottage’s porch to have “flagstone” flooring and I didn’t want to buy those floor sheets, partially because I’m poor, but mostly because it doesn’t look real enough for me. The next best solution was to make the “stone” tiles and grout them on myself. This is a short […]

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