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Modern Dollhouse Miniature Bookcase

Making A Modern Dollhouse Bookcase

Still making stuff. This time, its a project inspired by a Barbie sized┬áRandall Craig bookcase in a photo taken by Michael Williams of MAWPhoto.com. I forgot who actually had a blog post on Michael Williams’ work, but I had book marked his flickr page a while back and have been enthralled by his photos ever […]

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Ikea FUSION table set

Ikea Inspired: Mini Circle Table Set

This was the post that I’ve started and couldn’t find the time to finish it. I’m getting off my lazy butt now…. I am currently in the “making stuff” phase as a way procrastinating from finishing the Coventry Cottage *shifts eyes* and I thought I would show you the current project I am working on. […]

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modern black miniature twin bed amazing miniatures

Making a Miniature Modern Twin Bed

One of the things I’ve started doing after picking up my dollhouse obsession is browsing through various online shops for furniture or room decor for inspiration. The folder now has over 200 images in it! The picture above is a life sized bed room set. It’s called Milano Chocolate set, which is fitting because it […]

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Modern Dollhouse Plan Back by AmazingMiniatures.com

Getting Way Ahead of Myself: Designing a Modern Dollhouse

Ever since my last post on modern miniature dollhouses, I’ve been going a bit nuts looking at, learning about, and day dreaming of modern dollhouses and furniture. Its got to the point where I’ve even went about designing my own mini modern house in a 3d CAD program. My ability with this program is fairly […]

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NYTimes Article

Modern Miniatures Article in the New York Times

I just stumbled onto this article from the New York Times on how “Modern Design, in Miniature, Is Growing.” Ever since I took up miniatures, I never really felt that it was a mainstream hobby (even though there’s a lot of us). But to see it show up on the New York Times was pretty […]

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