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Website Blackout and New Etsy Shop

Problems with the Server:

So my site was down for some time due to problems with the hosting provider Its funny because about 6 months ago, I moved this site from another unreliable host ( thinking that this would solve the problems. And I chose JustHost based on their guarantees, price, and reviews. But apparently the reviews were biased and their price was great because their service was horrible. I am such a sucker sometimes.

But I guess I wouldn’t be so upset if they at least notified me of the problem, explained things, and reassured me, as opposed to my having to find out for myself and then ask them about what’s going on. It really isn’t hard for them to identify their affected customers and just tell us! I really hate this lack of communication because it makes me feel like I am not a valued customer, which I am not since I’m one of hundreds shoved into a shared server.

So over 3 days, its fixed and my site have been moved over to temporarily while I set up a VPS for it later. I tried JustHost (and LunarPages) because I do freelance web design and I like to try out different shared hosting in order to make unbiased recommendations of their service to my customers. Out of the 10+ shared hosting that I’ve tried over the years, I can only really recommend HostGator. They’re a bit more expensive than the others, but they are super reliable and will communicate to you and reassure you if there are problems. I think I’m going to stop experimenting with hosting providers now.

Okay, I am done ranting (thank you for listening!).

New Etsy Shop!

Now the main reason of this post is to let everyone know that I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and made my own Amazing Miniatures Etsy Shop.

The very first thing I listed is the Mini Circle Table set. I know I said that I was not going to make another, but in retrospect, I want to try to perfect it with newer pieces. So that means the prototype is going for sale. I’m planning to post a few more things on to the Etsy shop, but only once I move my site over to the new server.

As for the Circle Table set, I am also probably going to post up the scroll saw plans for it in the future, as well as plans for other mini furniture.

I’m really excited about this all!

2 Responses to Website Blackout and New Etsy Shop

  1. Lyssa October 5, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Glad to have you back!! Just so you know, I LOVE that table and hopefully, before someone else whisks it away, I will be able to get it. 🙂 I think it would look FAB in my artsy modern chic house or in the Gallery when I get around to making them. Yay!

    • Ann October 12, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

      Aw thanks for the encouragement hun! Can’t wait till you build that gallery and stock it full of your wonderful paintings!

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