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On Counterfeits & Miniatures

I’ve had a few friendly notes from the folks at Cardboard Safari in my public spaces about the cardstock deer head that you may have caught wind of. Here’s a comment on my facebook page: And some comments on my blog:  (FYI, he did apologize for this) And here’s the conversation via Etsy: Why am […]

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Finally Catching my Breath

Please see the photography and write up for the assembly instructions for the deer head. Some of you may have already gotten it (nice!). Some will get it soon depending on your location and which batch your order was made in. As always, if you have any questions, please email me!   And while all that was […]

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Amazing Happenings for Amazing Miniatures

I want to direct your attention to an article in the New York Times, written by best selling author J. Courtney Sullivan. In it, she writes about the love affair she has with dollhouse miniatures, that so many of us can relate to. But most surprisingly and significantly (for me) at the very end of the article, […]

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Prototype Miniature Cardboard Deer Head, Trophy Head

Hello My Deer: Mini Cardstock Animal Trophy Head

As a treat to my email subscribers, I hinted at a project I was working on in the first newsletter sent out in July. The picture above was what I included in the newsletter. I was intentionally ambiguous. I didn’t want to make it too obvious, lest things did not turn out as expected. 😉 […]

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amazing miniatures pricing spreadsheet

Pricing, Packaging, and Other Bits

This is a fairly wordy post. You have been warned.  More often than not, I am finding myself designing pieces through CAD or 3D modeling software like Cinema 4D or Google Sketchup and then fabricating it through laser cutting and (soon to be) 3D printing. It’s not how most miniaturists do it, but as a […]

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