Mike’s 1:12 Stick Built Hollow Wall Dollhouse

by Ann on December 18, 2010

Mike's 1:12 Stick Built Hollow Wall Dollhouse

If you’ve visit the Greenleaf forums lately, I’m sure you’ve seen Mike’s post on his stick built, hollow wall custom dollhouse. He also has a blog that he regularly updates as well. I am learning so much on how to build a dollhouse with frames, similar to how you would build a human sized house. And this is just from the pictures alone! Mike is also great enough to answer questions about the building process should you have any.

I’ve thought about building a dollhouses this way, but it seemed too complicated and delicate of a building process. But Mike’s posts on and explanations makes it seem otherwise. With this building process, it seems like you can add architectural details, slopes, etc more easily to the build than if you would in a typical solid board-built dollhouse. Also, less (and lighter) material seems to be needed and it can probably be done with just a hobby knife or an Xacto knife, which makes it a very accessible building method for miniatures!

Oh yes, I am already dreaming of getting rid of the power tools for building.

The only negative I can think of is that it’s probably not sturdy enough for kiddies, but kiddies generally don’t care about the details, so I think this point is moot.

I am so inspired by Mike’s work and am EXTREMELY tempted to start ANOTHER building project. I most definetly will use the stick built, hollow wall process on another house after the Nyne is done, so this really helps motivate me to finish it!

Lastly, just a quick plug for Mike (not that he asked or even knows about this post). He has an Etsy shop. There is currently nothing listed, but he does take custom orders!

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