Unfinished Dollhouse Furniture from Michaels

Unfinished Miniature Furniture

I didn’t have much time to work on the dollhouse kit all that much. I did have time in between running errands to stop by my local arts and crafts store, Michaels to nab some unfinished dollhouse furniture.

I recall them having much more variety of unfinished furniture back a year or two ago. Now I was only given a choice between two different styles of kitchen hutches, yippee! (sarcasm)

The piece pictured above was seriously the “best” piece that seems like it would require the least amount of work fixing up. I’m still not sure what the finished product will look like yet. I’m actually not sure what colors any of my furniture will look like either! I am just waiting to see how I decorate the rooms first (once I finish the darn Coventry Cottage!) before painting the furniture to compliment it.

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