Putting Together the Coventry Cottage Frame

Coventry Cottage Project Part 2: Basic Framework

With Christmas fast approaching, it was really tough for me during the past few days to find the time to work on the Coventry Cottage kit. I had hoped to have it finished by Christmas, but its looking very unlikely at this time.

Regardless, I did get a chance to work on it a bit last night and was finally able to put together the framework for my little house.

I know the general census from the mini blogs I’ve read suggest to add wallpaper and flooring before assembly, but I have no idea what color scheme or theme I want for this dollhouse yet, so that’s a no go. The interior layout is not very complicated so I won’t have trouble dressing the walls and floors. I am kicking around the idea of adding siding to the house, so painting the exterior shouldn’t be too much of a hassle either.

Perhaps it’ll be spring themed. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have some time to finish assembling the cottage tonight!

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